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Consumer Hotline:
Toll Free: 1-866-676-7380
International: 1-816-474-7555

XIKAR Limited Lifetime Warranty

We are proud to offer our limited lifetime warranty on your XIKAR accessory. Registering your XIKAR item is not required for warranty service. XIKAR reserves the right to repair, or replace at our discretion. Returned items may be replaced with a refurbished equivalent, depending on the age and condition of the return.

XIKAR limited lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects, but does not cover wear and tear from normal use. Do not disassemble your accessory in attempt to repair it yourself, as this will void the warranty coverage. XIKAR lighters, cutters, humidors, travel cases, hygrometers and ashtrays are all covered by XIKAR Limited Lifetime Warranty. Consumable products, including, but not limited to, butane and humidification are not covered under XIKAR Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The TSA in the United States and most other air travel regulators worldwide do not permit "torch" or "jet" lighters on board aircrafts (regardless if filled or empty of fuel or stored in checked or carry on baggage) and will confiscate your lighter. The XIKAR limited lifetime warranty does not cover lighters that have been confiscated by the TSA or any other travel regulatory body.

Requesting Service is Easy

  1. Log in to your account and click on the "Warranty" tab on the left side of your screen
  2. Drop down to "Submit a New Service Request" from the drop down menu
  3. Enter the SKU number or the name of the lighter into the search bar and click “Find It”
  4. Please keep in mind: If you have an item that does not appear on the list, please choose closest or any item at all, and notify us in the description box on the following form to alert to identify your item upon receipt.

    The 3-digit SKU number and name of your lighter can also be found on the barcode sticker on the packaging/box.

  5. Click on your SKU number and answer some basic questions regarding what's wrong with your item
  6. Confirm your return address (or enter it) and click “Submit RMA Request”
  7. The page will generate your RMA number that you will need to keep for future reference

An email will also be sent to the email associated with your account with further steps for packaging, shipping, etc.

Note: International customers shipping from outside of the US will be responsible for the shipping cost of the item to and from our main offices. Once your package is received, a customer service rep will reach out regarding payment.

Before Sending in Your Lighter

Before sending in your lighter, please refer to our How-to section to fix any occasional issues that may not require sending in your lighter.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that you insure your product shipment to XIKAR and obtain tracking service. XIKAR is not responsible for packages lost in transit to our facility.

Warranty turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.

Make a New Warranty Service Request

To submit a new warranty service request, please click here.