Table top Lighter: Mayan
^ Tabletop Lighter : Mayan

Liga Privada Tabletop Lighter
^ LIGA Tabletop Lighter

Room101 JYA Allume Tabletop
NEW Design
^ Room101 JYA Allume Tabletop

Room101 Bling Tastic Allume Tabletop
NEW Design
^ Room101 Bling Tastic Allume Tabletop

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XIKAR Triple Jet Tabletop Lighters

The office has never been a better place to enjoy a smoke. The new Triple Jet Tabletop lighters feature beautiful finishes on metal casing. Each lighter uses a squeeze ignition with an inversion safety and can be adjusted with a large fuel adjustment wheel.

Tabletop Lighters

Mayan Cloisonne Tabletop Lighters

The Mayan Cloisonne Triple-Flame Tabletop Lighter is the perfect cigar tool to toast the foot of your favorite Cigar. The beautiful cloisonne artwork design portrays the indigenous descendents and their connection with tobacco. View entire collection...

Liga Privada Tabletop Lighters

Light up your Ligas with the only lighters approved by El Jefe himself and enjoy your smoke in envious style. Liga Privada table top lighters feature a Liga Privada trademark insert finished in shiny chrome foil on solid black and protected by a highly durable dome. The chrome logo's details complement the lighter's chrome accents.

Translated to English, “Liga Privada” means “private blend.” It is the perfect name, as this cigar was originally crafted not for resale, but for our own personal humidors. Dozens of intricate blends were created, but No. 9 was flawless in both flavor and character. Rich, complex and full bodied without being harsh, this amazing vitola is best described in one word: satisfying.

“When you light a Liga Privada no.9 you are smoking a puro that was intended and expected to be smoked by me personally. Aged a full year, no expense has been spared or shortcut taken in its creation as I expect cigar perfection with every puff.”

-Steven T. Saka, El Jefe of Drew Estate

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Room101 Allume Tabletops

XIKAR and Matt Booth both deliver luxury and inspired design. Matt's fusion of Asian influence, coupled with the vibes of the Sunset Strip, give Room101 its foundation in both style and design. These triple flame Allume Tabletops feature super-sized, laser etched Room101 graphics on a black lighter finish for a classy style and durability.

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