Macassar Ebony
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Xi3 Spalted Tamarind
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Exotic Woods Collection Cutters

These Xi3 cutters feature exotic wood handles from around the world with polished stainless steel blades and body giving them a truly distinguished look. Xi3 Exotic Wood cutters are perfect for the distinguished cigar smoker who wants a clean cut, but also an elegant and refined look. Enjoy the feel and beauty of real wood.

Xi3 Macassar Ebony

One of the finest in the world, this hardwood is native to India, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is renowned for its distinct streaking pattern, composed of black heartwood with reddish to dark brown streaks that contrast sharply with the light reddish sapwood.

Xi3 Spalted Tamarind

This beautiful wood is native to Southeast Asia. Much of this wood comes from logs either found on the forest floor or cut and allowed to spalt in the damp, warm conditions of the jungle. The spectacular background colors and black grain patterns, are truly unique.

Xi3 Bocote

Bocote is a large canopy tree, with some specimens reaching up to 120 feet tall. It is sought for its particularly fine yet strong luster.

Xi3 Cocobolo Wood

Cocobolo is a sup-canopy tree reaching 60 feet tall. Its great beauty and high value make Cocobolo one of the most beautiful rosewoods.

Woods Collection Cutters

Xi3 Redwood

A hard and valuable, reddish-brown wood, redwood has a straight grain and a fine, coarse texture. Redwood is often used to build decks and outdoor furnishings. Redwood grows along the Pacific coast of the United States in California and Oregon.

Xi3 Beechwood

Beech is found in the northeast U.S. and Canada. It is heavy, pale-colored, medium-to-hard wood commonly used in furniture. It has a fine, tight grain and large medullar rays, similar in appearance to maple or birch woods.

Xi3 Zebrawood

A wood with narrow streak patterns resembling the striping of a zebra. It is a heavy and hard wood with a somewhat coarse texture. Zebrawood ranges in color from a pale to the dark brown as seen in the Xi handles. We adorn the cutters with exotic wood handles for an exquisite and elegant finish.

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