Volta Room101 JYA
^ Volta Room101 JYA

Xi1 Room101 Jya
^ Xi1 Room101 Jya

Xi1 Room101 Sakura ^ Xi1 Room101 Sakura

Xi1 Room101 Sakura
^ Forte Room101 Sakura

Xi1 Room101 Skulls
^ Xi1 Room101 Skulls

Xi1 Room101 Bling-Tastic
^ Xi1 Room101 Bling-Tastic

Room101 Bling Tastic Allume Tabletop
^ Room101 Bling Tastic Allume Tabletop

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XIKAR Room101 Collection


Room101 is the luxury lifestyle brand for those who demand quality with an edge. Together, XIKAR and Matt Booth demand quality and design and Matt's Room101 Brand is captured in an inspired collection with both style and Asian Influence.

Room101 Cutters

Xi1 Room101 Cutters

Style and Asian Influence is apparent in these unique cutters making them the perfect addition to any cigar enthusiast’s collection. 

Each cutter's design has been laser engraved into the aluminum body cutter for a durable and tactile finish. Express yourself!

Room101 cutters are made with the standard 440 stainless steel blades and a 54-ring gauge. View similar products...

Room101 Cigar Lighters

Room101 Volta Lighters

A Room101 JYA laser etched pattern adorns black Volta Lighters. Volta Lighters feature quad jet flames, and high capacity fuel tanks. The oversized push button ignition fits flush against the cylindrical metal body creating a powerful appearance. The high tech camera aperture-inspired lid protects the quad burners, keeping debris out with a quick twist of the top lid. View similar products...

Room101 Forte Lighters

The Room101 Forte lighter features a decorative Room101 Sakura high-touch silver metal insert. The all metal body features a built-in razor sharp 7mm cigar punch so you can always be prepared when the moment calls for a cigar. Enjoy the celebration, it’s good for life. View similar products...

Room101 Black Allume Tabletop Lighters

The Daruma design is laser etched onto XIKAR Allume Tabletop Lighters for an edgy, yet classic look. Room101 Allume Tabletop Lighters feature triple-jet flames and durable, flat black finishes. An ergonomic side-squeeze ignition makes lighter any ring gauge cigar a breeze. View similar products...

Custom Engrave Your Product:

You may engrave this product with a personalized message! To learn more, visit our services page. Please note that custom engraved orders have an approximate three week lead time for processing!

Unfortunately, we can only engrave your XIKAR products when purchased through our website before the order is processed.

SKU Title Price Cart
569JYA Room101 JYA Volta Tabletop Lighter $159.99 Add to cart >>
535BT Room101 Bling-Tastic Black Allume Tabletop Lighter $109.99 Add to cart >>
564SKL XIKAR Room101 Skulls 5x64 Turrim Double Lighter $89.99 Add to cart >>
523BKSK XIKAR Room101 Sakura Forte Lighter $79.99 Add to cart >>
101BKSK Room101 Black Xi1 Sakura $74.99 Add to cart >>
101BT Room101 Black Xi1 Bling-Tastic $74.99 Add to cart >>
101JYA Room101 Black Xi1 Jya $74.99 Add to cart >>
101SKL Room101 Black Xi1 Skulls $74.99 Add to cart >>



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